This song was written and recorded Dallas Holm.

Dallas Holm (born November 5, 1948 in St. Paul Park, Minnesota) is a singer-songwriter of Christian music, whose musical ministry has spanned almost 4 decades. Dallas Holm & (his group) Praise consisted of Dallas Holm-guitar and vocals, Tim and Ladonna Johnson – keyboards and vocals, and Randy Adams on bass.
Holm’s influence has been greatest in Contemporary Christian music.
1977’s “Live” album, along with his group Praise, featured his greatest hit, “Rise Again” but also included this song.
This song speaks of our witness, and is a reference to Matthew 5:14-16.

Let my light shine in the night time;
let it shine all day through;
let it shine – shine for Jesus,
may it shine, shine on you.

I was walking alone in the darkness;
I didn’t know which way to go.
Then the Lord, He turned the light on;
changed my life, saved my soul. (CHORUS)

Now I live for just one purpose;
let the Lord shine through me.
‘Cause if His love can shine on others,
then His Spirit will set ’em free. (CHORUS)

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