This song was written by Mylon LeFevre, and was the title song of his 11th album.

Mylon R. LeFevre (born October 6, 1944) is an American Christian rock singer best known for his work with his band Mylon and Broken Heart. He is a member of the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. He currently travels around the United States, ministering, teaching and singing. He sometimes can be seen on television networks, such as TBN and Daystar.
Born in Mississippi, into the pioneering Southern Gospel family, The LeFevres, Mylon was their youngest son. When he was old enough, he began to sing and play guitar with the group.
As a teen, Mylon was expelled from a private religious high school when his father took him out to be with the family while they performed at a local concert. At 17 years old, while in the Army, he wrote his first song, “Without Him”. When Elvis Presley recorded the song, Mylon became known as a songwriter.
After leaving the army, LeFevre became a member of the famed Stamps Quartet. In 1964 LeFevre released his first solo album. Mylon wanted to write and sing contemporary music that gives glory to God, but there seemed to be no place for his music—or his longer hair and long sideburns—in his family or the Church. His first mainstream album, Mylon, We Believe (1969), is considered by some to be the first true “Jesus Rock” album.
As Mylon became more popular, he started getting high to deal with the stress and to fit in. His drug use escalated to a near-fatal overdose of heroin in 1973. So LeFevre committed himself to a drug treatment program that year; 7 months later, he came out clean.
In 1980, LeFevre attended a concert by the CCM group, 2nd Chapter of Acts. Buck Herring, the group’s leader, led the people in prayer and LeFevre prayed along and submitted to Jesus as the Lord of his life.
Mylon quit secular rock and returned to his home church, Mt. Paran Church of God, in Atlanta—where he worked as a janitor, while attending Bible-study classes. His first challenge was to get out of his secular music contract which, according to the terms, could only be broken “by an act of God”. LeFevre’s attorney argued that being born again is an act of God and won the case. In return for release from his contract, LeFevre agreed to give up all future royalties on his songs, publishing and recordings.
In 1981, he started a Christian band that would eventually be called Broken Heart.
Over the next 10 years, the group released 10 albums and traveled over a million miles. Many members of Broken Heart have gone on to become solo artists, music producers, worship leaders, pastors, and teachers.

I first heard this song through a college roommate, Eddie Leslie.
This song speaks of one’s greater desire to know more about God… to know as much as one can of God.
Bible Reference… Psalm 42:1; John 3:30


Break my heart and change my mind.
Cut me loose from ties that bind.
Lead me as I follow You.
Give me strength to follow through.

Holy Spirit, fill me up.
Gently overflow my cup.
Touch my eyes and let me see.
Me in You and You in me.

        Oh, more… more… I want to be more like Jesus.
        More of Jesus; less of me.
        By His power I will be like a flower in the spring;
        brand new life in everything.

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