This song was written by Billy Smiley and Mark Gersmehl (both of the band, White Heart) and was the title song of Geoff Moore’s first album.

Geoff Moore (born February 22, 1961) is a contemporary Christian music artist and songwriter. He began recording as a solo artist in 1984. In 1987, he formed Geoff Moore and The Distance, his touring band, which released 8 albums generating a string of No.1 radio hits throughout their 10+ year tenure. In 1998, Geoff retired the band from full-time touring. After a “farewell tour”, Moore has continued as a solo artist, releasing 9 more records since then.
Geoff is also an advocate for underprivileged children. He has partnered with Compassion International since 1985, being a spokesman and advocate for their work in releasing children from poverty throughout the developing world. He also works with Showhope, an organization founded by his close friends Steven and Mary Beth Chapman. Showhope cares for orphan children and helps assist with international adoptions.
Geoff Moore is co-founder of an outdoor adventure company called Fellowship Adventures. Founded in 2014, Fellowship Adventures focuses on small group hunting, fishing, adventure and expeditions.

I first heard this song while in college; my college roommate, Eddie Leslie, had an extensive music collection.
This song describes that occasion when Jesus healed 10 lepers… yet only 1 returned to thank Him. It causes me to reflect on how often I show appreciation for all Jesus has done for me…
Bible Reference… Luke 17:11-19

The road was long, the air was dry; sun burning hot and hanging high.
When Jesus walked into the town, He heard the old, familiar sound.
“Have mercy on us!”, the ten lepers cried. “Make us whole again, clean and purified!”
He said to go and show the priests that they’d been cleansed of their disease.
Ten men saw that they’d been changed; just one came back to praise His name.

        CHORUS 1:
        “Where are the other nine? Why did they just go on?
        Where are the other nine, men whose lives have just begun?
        Out of ten, why is there only one?”

He gave the ten another start, but nine of them just broke His heart.
One came back, his life complete… one who bowed at Jesus’ feet.
And, just like those men, I cried and prayed,
and He heard my prayer… but I walked away.

        “Where are the other nine?” I know where they go.
        “Where are the other nine?” I need the faith that makes me whole.
        Please come and fill my empty soul. (CHORUS 1)

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