This song was written by Phil & Carolyn Cross, and was first recorded by Gold City.

Phil Cross is known as a one of today’s most anointed Christian music artists and is highly regarded as a composer, singer, and speaker. He began using his God-given musical talents as a teenager and has been writing songs since 1983. Brought up in a Christian home by loving parents, Phil has truly been blessed with a marvelous life in service to God.
God has miraculously lifted him, equipped him, and brought him to a place of prominence in music ministry. Certainly, Phil Cross is no stranger to Christian music. He has long been known as one of today’s finest composers. He has received many of Gospel music’s highest honors including Dove Awards, Song Of The Year, and Songwriter Of The Year honors. Though he has gained recognition as a composer and a singer, and has had a great deal of success as a musician, Phil has remained genuine and sincere. His strongest desire is to let everyone know that God is on their side and He has an incredible plan for their lives.
In 1987, this song was voted Song Of The Year at the “Singing News Fan Awards”.

The Mississippi-based Christianairs were renamed Gold City at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve (1980) with bass Dallas Gilliland, tenor Bob Oliver, lead singer Jerry Ritchie, and baritone Ken Trussell. The group was an instant success in the industry, appearing on the main stage of the National Quartet Convention in 1981. Pianist Garry Jones joined the group one month prior to the convention. In 1982, tenor Brian Free came on board and lead Ivan Parker joined in 1983. Jeff Hullender joined the group in 1984 as the group’s bass guitar player. Mike LeFevre joined in 1985 to sing the baritone part, replacing Jerry Ritchie.

I first heard Gold City when I was in college, but didn’t hear this song until about 2005.

This song looks forward to the day when the Rapture takes place… or when a believer passes from this life to the next in death.
Bible Reference… Matthew 24:31; 1Corinthians 15:52; 1Thessalonians 4:13-18

        I’m gonna let the glory roll when the roll is called in glory.
        I’m gonna get beside of myself when I get beside the King that day.
        I’m gonna have the time of my life when the time of my life is over.
        I’m gonna get carried away when I get carried away!

Well, I don’t know why I become a little shy when I get around a whole lotta people.
And I can’t figure out why I never can shout about the love that floods my soul.
I must confess, I can’t express the feelings deep inside me…
the things I know and cannot show, one day will overflow. (CHORUS)

Well, I’ll pass the clouds and shout so loud; it may even sound like thunder.
My tearful eyes may fill the skies until it looks like rain,
when I leave this world, past the gates of pearl, and stand before my Savior.
I’ll let my soul let the glory roll if from the roll He calls my name. (CHORUS)

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