This song was written by Carolyn and Phil Cross, and was first recorded by the Cathedrals… included on their album, Symphony of Praise.

Carolyn tends to be anonymous compared to the shadow cast by her husband, Phil. But, they have been partners in ministry.
Phil Cross is known as a one of today’s most anointed Christian music artists and is highly regarded as a composer, singer, and speaker. He began using his God-given musical talents as a teenager and has been writing songs since 1983. Brought up in a Christian home by loving parents, Phil has truly been blessed with a marvelous life in service to God.
God has miraculously lifted him, equipped him, and brought him to a place of prominence in music ministry. Certainly, Phil Cross is no stranger to Christian music. He has long been known as one of today’s finest composers. He has received many of Gospel music’s highest honors including Dove Awards, Song Of The Year, and Songwriter Of The Year honors. Though he has gained recognition as a composer and a singer, and has had a great deal of success as a musician, Phil has remained genuine and sincere. His strongest desire is to let everyone know that God is on their side and He has an incredible plan for their lives.

The Cathedral Quartet, often known as simply The Cathedrals, was an American southern gospel quartet that performed from 1964 until their retirement in 1999.
Kirk Talley left the group in 1983 to start his own group; Danny Funderburk, from the Singing Americans, was selected to take Talley’s place. This version of the Cathedrals with Funderburk along with George Younce, Glen Payne, Mark Trammell, and Roger Bennett soon became the most popular they had ever been. The Cathedrals would balance their albums with a combination of different styles that gave them popularity they enjoyed until the group retired.

I first heard this song during my senior year in college.

This song announces Jesus to the world, much like a boxing announcer might announce boxers before the big battle. But, Jesus is clearly the greatest Champion… the Champion of Love!
Bible Reference… Matthew 27:35; Mark 15:24,25; Luke 23:33; John 3:16; 19:17,18; 1John 2:2


Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention? I want to introduce to you…
In this corner of the good and the right stands a Champion, robed in white.
His height exceeds the heavens! His weight outweighs the world!
His reach reaches everywhere! His age is evermore!

        He is higher than the highest… greater than the great!
        No one will ever take His crown away!
        He’s more mighty than the mightiest; He reigns from above!
        He’s the all-time, undisputed, undefeated Champion of Love

He left His hometown to enter this arena to raise His hands in victory for me,
but an angry crowd crucified this King who bore their crown…
and they gladly watched the Champion going down.
But I will never count Him out, for I’m a witness of
the day He arose to retain the title, “Champion of Love”! (CHORUS)

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