This song was written and recorded by Aaron Shook… included on his album of the same name.

I don’t remember how I was introduced to Aaron Shook, but I invited him to do a concert in our church when I pastored Oak Grove Baptist Church in Van Buren, Arkansas… and I have often listened to his music ever since.
He grew up in El Dorado, AR, but has lived in Texas for most of his life.
He still writes songs and helps sponsor a songwriting gathering once a month in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

This song tells the story of Noah and the Flood… from Noah’s perspective. But, it also reminds us that whatever comes, God’s still in control. “Let it rain… I’m not worried.”
Bible Reference… Genesis 6-8

Heard a voice just the other morning: “Noah, Go build a boat.
Sun is shining, the hard rain is coming; hurry, now, don’t be slow.”
Animals two by two… what am I gonna do?
Neighbors think that I’m goin’ crazy; what they say may be true.
Ain’t no time now for bein’ lazy; got to round up my crew.
Take my in-laws to? No, no, no! What am I gonna do?

        Let it rain; I’m not worried. Let it rain… let it rain all day and night.
        Let it rain; I’m not worried… the Lord will get me through this thing alright.

Lord, how long ‘til this trouble starts pouring? ‘Til the sun reappears?
Thirty-eight thousand animals snoring make each night seem like years.
It keeps coming down day and night; there’s not an end in sight. (CHORUS)

        Then one day the sun is shining; multi-colored ribbon in a sky so blue…
        The Lord has pulled me through! (CHORUS)


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