This song was recorded by Jeff & Sheri Easter, included on their album… Thread of Hope.

Jeff & Sheri Easter are a Southern Gospel married duo.
Jeff Easter and Sheri Williamson met in 1984 during the Albert E. Brumley Sundown to Sunup Gospel Sing in Arkansas. At the time, Jeff was the bassist for the Singing Americans, while Sheri was performing with The Lewis Family. After being introduced, they married 10 months later. After that, Jeff and Sheri traveled and performed as part of The Lewis Family, until they decided to pursue a career alone in 1988. Since then, they have released several albums and have been nominated for various awards. Joining them on stage now are their children: Madison (guitars) and Morgan (vocals). They have another daughter, Maura.
Jeff & Sherri Easter have been frequent performers on the Gaither Homecoming videos and recordings.

This song tells the story of the Old Testament prophet, Elijah, and the thrill he had in running in the rain God had promised him. This song then likens that event to the prophecy experienced in the early church… when God pours out His power on His church.
Bible Reference… 1Kings 18:41—19:8; Joel 2:28; Acts 2:17

Elijah sent someone to seek a sign of rain one day:
“Go once, go twice, go seven times and the rain will come again.”
The sky drew dark; the wind did blow; the rain came pouring down.
Then, Elijah, he went runnin’ in the rain.

        Yes, we’re runnin’ like Elijah did; we’re runnin’ in the rain.
        Runnin’ in the wind of God; it’s pourin’ once again.
        So many things to do; so little time to make our move…
        And we’re runnin’ like Elijah in the rain.

What should be the sign, Lord, of your coming once again?
The pouring out of power on this dry and thirsty land.
It’s falling in; we’re working in, we’re bringing the children in…
And running, running, running in the rain. (CHORUS) (Repeat v.2 & CHORUS)


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