This song was recorded by Michael James… included on his album, Where Loves Runs Deep.

Michael James is a singer-songwriter who had a career in the Christian Country genre. He wrote several songs sung by others before he had a brief recording career in the late 1980s & 1990s.
Since then, he has served on church staffs in music and in speaking.

I first heard this song while I was pastor of Oak Grove Baptist Church in Van Buren, AR. The True Love Waits movement was gaining in popularity. True Love Waits is a national abstinence movement… a youth movement that encourages teenagers and college students to save sex for marriage.
This song could have been the national theme song for that movement.

This song describes the value of love that waits… through the relationship between 2 teenage kids… a mother facing the option of abortion… and the wisdom passed down from a mother to her daughter.
Bible Reference… Song of Solomon 8:4; 1Corinthians 6:19,20; 13:4-8; Ephesians 5:3; Colossians 3:5; 1Timothy 4:12; 2Timothy 2:22; Hebrews 13:4; James 4:7


There’s a scared little girl and a wild little boy
playing with love like a brand new toy;
not knowing that they’re going to be regretting what they’re wanting to do.
Should they stop? Should they start? What about their tender hearts?
Does he love her? Is this boy shooting straight?
Hasn’t anybody told them, if it’s love… love waits.

There’s a scared little girl, but the wild boy is gone;
left her to decide what is right and what is wrong.
There’s another life inside her now; what’s the girl gonna do?
She had hoped for so much more; walking through the doctor’s door,
someone tells her that it’s just a twist of fate.
But will anybody tell her if it’s love… love waits?

        Love is patient. Love is kind.
        It won’t ever cross the line between what’s right and wrong.
        It won’t whisper, “I love you. So you’d better love me, too, or I’m gone.”
        Love waits.

There’s a pretty, young girl dressing up for the dance;
Mama’s thinking back to that first wild romance…
memories appear… seventeen years ago.
So she pulls her aside and with tears in her eyes,
she says, “Darlin’, don’t make this mistake.
If there ever comes a time when you wannna cross that line,
Let me be the first to tell you, if it’s love… love waits.” (CHORUS)


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