This song was written by John Elefante, Robert Hartman, and Ronnie Cates; and was recorded by Petra… the title song of their album.

John Elefante is an American singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, and producer. He is known for his tenure as frontman of the rock group, Kansas, and is currently touring with several groups that have featured members from classic rock bands.
Robert “Bob” Hartman (born December 26, 1949) is a Christian artist, guitarist, writer and songwriter. He is the founder of Christian rock band, Petra. Hartman was involved with the band from its foundation in 1972 to its end in 2005. He took a break from touring in 1995, but continued to write most of the band’s songs, record guitars, and produce most of the albums. He officially returned to touring with Petra in 2003 until he decided to retire the band in late 2005.
Ronny Cates (born September 25, 1965) is a Christian musician, producer, and songwriter. He is most remembered for being the bassist of legendary Christian rock band, Petra, during their most prolific years.

Petra is a music group regarded as a pioneer of the Christian Rock and Contemporary Christian music genres. Formed in 1972, the band took its name from the Greek word for “rock”. With a style initially similar to The Eagles and Lynyrd Skynyrd, Petra’s sound evolved into a more energetic, driving rock sound in the early 1980s akin to Foreigner, Styx and Journey. Throughout the 1980s and into the early 1990s, Petra was one of the world’s most popular Christian Rock bands, with each of its albums during that period selling hundreds of thousands of copies while the band sold out arenas and regularly placed songs at the top of Christian radio charts. With its lyrics, music and style, Petra influenced numerous other artists at a time when Christian Rock experienced strong opposition from many conservative pastors and churches.
The album, No Doubt, was a concerted effort to reach a younger audience no longer interested in the driving hard rock that had made the band the biggest in Christian music. Back to using producers John and Dino Elefante, John Schlitt (then lead singer) called the album “the best record we’ve ever done.” The critics disagreed, citing in particular the electronic, scaled-back nature of the drums, which sapped the life out of the disc’s rockers, and the prevalence of “fair to middlin'” tracks that failed to “break any new ground.”
The album opened at #2 on Billboard’s Top Christian Albums chart, but fell out of the Top 10 two months later. Its key radio single, the title track, barely cracked the 40 most-played songs for 1995. For the first time since the creation of the Rock Gospel Album category in the Grammies, Petra was nominated but failed to win, though it did pick up a Dove award for Rock Album of the Year, and CCM Magazine’s annual Reader Awards placed Petra once again at the top as the fans’ favorite rock band, with No Doubt their favorite rock album.
In more than three decades, the band experienced numerous lineup changes yet released 20 studio albums, as well as two Spanish-language and two live albums, selling nearly 10 million copies while being nominated for 13 Grammy Awards, winning four, and winning 10 Dove Awards.
Petra was the first rock band inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame and the first Christian band whose memorabilia was included in the Hard Rock Cafe restaurant chain.

I had heard Petra several times while in college, but was never a big fan; I didn’t often listen to Rock Music. But, I heard this song on a W.O.W. compilation CD, and loved it from the first time I heard it.

This song is a song of encouragement… reminding believers in Christ that no matter what might come in our lives, we can have no doubt that He can handle it!
Bible Reference… Psalm 27:5; 37:5; 46:1; 62:8; 86:2; Proverbs 3:5,6; Matthew 17:20; Romans 8:28; Hebrews 11:1

There are times when you feel like you can’t go on;
there are times when you feel like giving in.
And, there are times when you feel like you can’t try anymore;
there are times of trouble in believing.
This test of your faith will last as long as it takes to pass,
‘til you have no more doubt you’ll endure… and your faith will emerge true and pure.

        No doubt it’ll be alright; with God, it’ll all work together for good.
        No doubt, in the end, it will be understood.
        No doubt it’ll all work out; with faith, He can move any mountain for us.
        No doubt in the power of Jesus.
        And, after all is done, we find out all we really need to have is no doubt.

There’s a time to take a reckless leap of faith; there’s a time to be cautious and wait.
And, there’s a way of learning from the past that this time of trouble won’t last.
And, sometimes, we want to think we know the ways He will choose to make us grow.
But, it’s never the way of our choosing and we can’t always see what He’s using.  (CHORUS)

        There will be winters in the seasons of our soul,
        with a cold and bitter wind that chills our lives.
        But, our faith can be building a fire that will warm us ‘til spring time arrives…          (CHORUS)


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