This song was written by Don Koch, Dave Clark, and Dan Dean; and was recorded by Phillips, Craig & Dean… included on their album, Trust.

Since the early ‘90s, Don Koch has produced records for every major Christian record label with total sales in excess of 10 million. He won Dove Awards for Inspirational Record of the Year two years in a row. The songwriter-producer has worked with the top Christian acts. He has won Dove awards for Song of the Year and Inspirational Song of the Year. He has also had many #1 songs in the CCM market.
Dave Clark’s impressive songwriting credits include hits that cross musical boundaries from contemporary Christian music to southern gospel. Many of his songs have reached the #1 spot on the Christian music charts. Clark was recently named Director of Creative Development, A&R and Publishing for Lillenas Publishing Company. Dave has been awarded the prestigious ASCAP Living Legend Award and recognized for his outstanding career success as a songwriter.

Phillips, Craig and Dean (rendered as Phillips, Craig & Dean on albums) is a contemporary Christian music trio composed of pastors Randy Phillips, Shawn Craig, and Dan Dean.
In 1991, Randy Phillips went to several record companies with a solo album he had. StarSong, a Nashville-based company, urged him to form a male vocal group. He then called two friends who also happened to be pastors and had also recently made solo albums.
Since forming in 1991, the group has sold over two million units. They have also received 10 GMA Dove Award nominations, winning 4, including Praise and Worship Album of the Year in 2007, and Inspirational Album of the Year in 2010.

This song describes what should be considered indescribable… the fact that Almighty God would run to us, bringing salvation to any and all who might ask for it!
Bible Reference… Matthew 27:51; Mark 15:38; Luke 23:45; Ephesians 2:4,5;
Hebrews 4:16; 10:19-22

Once there was a holy place; evidence of God’s embrace.
And I can almost see Mercy’s face… pressed against the veil.
Looking down with longing eyes, Mercy must have realized
that once His blood was sacrificed freedom would prevail.
And as the sky grew dark and the earth began to shake,
with justice no longer in the way…

        Mercy came running, like a prisoner set free,
        past all my failures to the point of my need.
        When the sin that I carried was all I could see,
        and when I could not reach mercy… Mercy came running to me!

Once there was a broken heart, way too human from the start;
and all the years left it torn apart… hopeless and afraid.
Walls I never meant to build left this prisoner unfulfilled;
Freedom called but, even still, it seemed so far away.
I was bound by the chains from the wages of my sin.
Just when I felt like giving in… (CHORUS)

        Sometimes I still feel so far… so far from where I really should be.
        He gently calls to my heart, just to remind me… (CHORUS)


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  1. Devin Coker says:

    Not much on Contemporary Christian but these lyrics are awesome. Thank you,

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