This song was written by Ronny Hinson and was recorded by the Hinsons… included on their album, One More Hallelujah.

The Original Hinsons (sometimes referred to as The Singing Hinson Family) were a multi-award winning Southern Gospel group that was formed in 1967 and was active until 1994.
Consisting of siblings Ronny, Yvonne, Kenny and Larry, they first sang together in 1967 after being asked to sing during revival services at a small church in Freedom, CA. Though they had never sung together as a unit, they soon found themselves a popular favorite in churches and concert appearances along the west coast of the United States. Though the Hinsons became an extremely popular touring group, they were considered radical for their concert style, which was far more ministry oriented than most of the more established professional groups. Always innovators, the group recorded several albums in the 1980’s that changed the face of their industry with an eclectic mix of songs and styles ranging from traditional southern gospel, contemporary Christian, and what would soon become known as Country gospel.
Throughout the years, the family roster changed as different members left and joined. In 1994, the original Hinsons came together for a Reunion tour. During the tour, lead singer Kenny Hinson was diagnosed with kidney cancer. After a long battle he died in 1995.

You’ve heard the saying, “Just another face in the crowd”. This song plays off that, but reminds us that Jesus is unique… special… above and beyond any other face one might look to. His Second Coming will verify that!
Bible Reference… Acts 1:10,11; 1Thessalonians 4:15—5:4; 2Peter 3:8-10;                                                            Revelation 1:7,8

He’s not just another face in the cloud!

When Jesus finally makes His grand Appearing,
and those who wait to see Him finally do,
all the clouds will roll aside – we will join the ones who died –
and the world will see what we already knew!

        He’s not just another face in the cloud.
        For soon we’re gonna hear His trumpet loud.
        So, don’t find out too late, when millions congregate;
        He’s not just another face in the cloud.

No, He won’t be wearing thorns that pierced His forehead.
And His lips will not be parched by salty brine.
No blood to stain or streak; not one bruise upon His cheeks,
For He’ll be coming back as King of kings this time! (CHORUS)


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