This song was written and recorded by Linnae Reeves… included on her self-titled album (her only album).

I could find no information about Linnae Reeves, but a review written at the time by Tony Cummings wrote of her only album:
It seems that the American scene is now crowded with little girl lost-voiced singers.  But there’s always room for another one, particularly when she makes such an impressive debut as Linnae Reeves. The sleeve tells how Linnae writes “songs about my faith in God and Christ – it’s the biggest thing happening in my life,” and certainly they come across with such luminous integrity that even a disengaged listener is drawn into Linnae’s world of wide-eyed optimism. Producer David Kershenhaum gives the singer a nicely textured set of accompaniments, mixing acoustic guitar with some socking rhythms. Does it have enough memorable hooks to make it a US radio smash? I’m not sure, but ‘Linnae Reeves’ is certainly a quality product.

I first heard this song – and Linnae Reeves – on a compilation CD. So, I bought this CD and listened to it over and over and over again.

This song is a Scripture song… and reminds us to trust God when we’re tempted to fret and feel anxious.
Bible Reference… Philippians 4:6,7

Your dream’s wearing thin; you think you can’t win…
you don’t understand why you just keep keeping on.
But I know how you feel. Trust what the Lord says; only rely on His Word.

        Be anxious for nothing; in all things give thanks to the Lord above
        and know that every good and perfect gift comes down from Him.

So many times I thought that I would take things
in my hand and just do as I plan.
Then, when I’d fall, I’d rediscover I could only rely on His Word. (CHORUS)

        Set your heart on things above, not on things of this world.
        He knows your desire.
        Now you only feel cold and lonely; there are good days ahead.
        You’ve got to remember all the things He said.

Don’t throw up your hands, start to give in,
wallow in pity, or give place to sin.
In all of your plans, acknowledge the Savior; you can rely on His Word. (CHORUS)

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