This song was written by William J. (Bill) and Gloria Gaither, and was recorded by the Gaither Vocal Band (GVB)… the title song of their album.

The Gaither Vocal Band (GVB) is named after gospel legend and leader Bill Gaither. It was the successor-group of the Bill Gaither Trio. By the 1980s, Bill Gaither, along with wife, Gloria Gaither, were both very successful songwriters.
The original Vocal Band (called the New Gaither Vocal Band) was formed spontaneously, backstage of a Gaither Trio concert. According to the liner notes of the CD compilation The Best of the GVB, the term “vocal band” was used instead of “quartet” because it did not limit Gaither in terms of sound or number of group members.
The 1997 version of the GVB consisted of Mark Lowry, Jonathan Pierce, Guy Penrod and Bill Gaither.

I first heard the Gaither Vical Band while in college, but have enjoyed all the various versions since.

This song reminds us what life was like for the Gaither Vocal Band… but, also, what we – as believers – are to be about. Many songs might have more meaningful lyrics, but the tune and harmony of this song are so pleasing to the ear.
Bible Reference… John 13:34,35; 14; 15:12; Ephesians 5:2; 1John 3:15,16,23; 4:7

        Loving God, loving each other; making music with my friends.
        Loving God, loving each other, and the story never ends.

They pushed back from the table to listen to His words…
His secret plan before He had to go.
It’s not complicated – don’t need a lot of rules; this is all you’ll need to know. (CHORUS)

We tend to make it harder… build steeples out of stone;
filled with explanations of The Way.
But, if we’d stop and listen, and break a little bread,
we would hear the Master say… (CHORUS)


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