This song was written by Ernie Haase and Joel Lindsey, and is most well-known as sung by the Cathedrals… included on their album, Faithful.

Ernie Haase (born December 12, 1964) is best known as the former tenor singer of the Southern gospel group, The Cathedrals. After the Cathedrals’ retirement (1999), Haase became the founder of Ernie Haase and Signature Sound.
Joel Lindsey has written several Southern Gospel songs.

The Cathedral Quartet was an American Southern Gospel quartet that performed from 1964 until their retirement in 1999. The group’s last line up consisted of Glen Payne (lead), George Younce (bass), Ernie Haase (tenor), Scott Fowler (baritone and bass guitar), and Roger Bennett (piano and rhythm guitar).
During the early 1990s, Southern Gospel experienced a reemergence in large part to Bill Gaither and the Gaither Vocal Band recording ‘Homecoming’, a tribute album to classic Southern Gospel songs. Along with many others, George Younce and Glen Payne were in Gaither’s group of singers he called on to sing. Several Homecoming videos later, the full quartet was included, where they gained a whole new fan base.
The Cathedrals reached their apex in the 1990s. But, the health of both Younce and Payne was starting to decline. By 1999, George Younce was suffering from kidney failure and heart disease and Payne was diagnosed with liver cancer. Due to their declining health, Younce and Payne made the decision to retire the group. There was a planned farewell tour of selected concerts, as the group’s health permitted.

This song describes the change made by Jesus; not just in Bible times, but still today… as each person trusts Christ as his/her Savior.
Bible Reference… Jeremiah 29:11; Romans 12:2; 1Corinthians 6:11; 2Corinthians 3:18; 4:16; 5:17

When Paul met the Lord on Damascus Road, he never was the same again.
When Peter met the Lord He left his boat and started fishing for men.
Well, I may not be Peter or Paul, but one thing I can truly say –
when I met the Lord and made Him my choice, He definitely made a change.

        (He made a change) He made a change in the way that I’m walking.
        (He made a change) He made a change in the way that I’m talking.
        Old things passed away; behold, everything’s new.
        (He made a change) He made a change in the life that I’m living;
        I’m born again, set free, finally forgiven.
        If He can make a change in me, He can make a change in you.

Well, well, well, I’ve seen some old friends shaking their heads
’cause they never thought they’d see the day
when a sinner like me would praise the Lord or bow my head to pray.
Well, I’m not what I used to be; you see my life has been rearranged.
Well there’s nothing that I’ve done, but I have found Someone
who definitely made a change. (CHORUS)


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