This song was written and sung by Layton Howerton… included on his album, Boxing God.

Layton Howerton is a singer/songwriter who lives in Riverton… in the Wind River Valley of Wyoming. He tells stories through his songs. His works over 40 years have been critically acclaimed and featured in multiple forms of media.

I don’t remember where or how I first heard Layton Howerton. I’ve never heard his music on Christian radio, and he tends to be known as an independent artist. But, I really like his music.

This song is sung as though Jesus is speaking/singing these words, and is actually standing at the door of someone’s home…. patiently waiting.
Bible Reference… Exodus 34:5; John 6:38; 7:28,29; 20:19-31; Revelation 3:20

Behold, I’m standing at your door, and I am knocking.
But, you reach up to remote your old Sylvania…
sit back and act like nothing ever strains ya.
But, I keep knocking, and you keep ignoring Me.
And I wonder if you’re ever gonna answer…
when your life, your wife, is riddled now with cancer.

        But, I’m not a traveling salesman. No, I’m not the Kirby man.
        I’m not here to fix your cable, and I don’t work for Uncle Sam.
        I’m not a Jehovah’s Witness, or Mormon missionary.
        I’m not here to ask if you’re able, could you help Me, please?
        I came because My Father sent Me. I came because you need Me.

And I’m still waiting… patiently,
though many times I’ve knocked upon your door;
as a child… a wild teenager… a young sailor,
but, you weren’t listening, and time is fleeting.
You’ve lived your life according to your own will;
it’s been a life of heartbreak, mistakes and constant ills. (CHORUS)

        Now, there’s no sin so great that I cannot forgive…
        no sinner who cannot look to Me and live…
        no brokenness that I cannot heal…
        no emptiness that I cannot feel… (CHORUS)
        Behold I’m standing at your door, and I am knocking.


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