This song was written and recorded by Chris Rice… included on his album, Past The Edges.

Chris Rice is an American singer and songwriter who, while a youth minister, also worked in the contemporary Christian music, contemporary folk and adult contemporary genres. He became a recording artist as well in 1996 after signing a contract with Rocketown Records.
Having taken only 3 years of piano lessons as a child, Rice did not aspire to a career in either music or student work. But frequent invitations to speak and lead music at his church’s youth group events led to more such invitations throughout his college years at the University of Maryland, Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana, and Union University in Jackson, Tennessee. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Communication. While leading music and coaching high school soccer teams, he began writing songs. What began as weekend and summer work with youth and college students soon turned into a full-time career during his twenties and thirties, and prompted Rice to write and perform mainly on the guitar.
For those two decades, Rice spent his time as an itinerant speaker and songwriter/musician, playing for high school and college conferences and camps nationwide. This schedule prepared Chris for his career as a signed recording artist, touring the country with a full band.

I first heard Chris Rice on a compilation CD, and have enjoyed him ever since. Most of his lyrics are very thought-provoking and clever.

This song describes one who is thirsty for the River of Life… and all that will surround it.
Bible Reference… Psalm 23:1,2; 42:1,2; 46:4; 63:1; 107:4-6; 143:6;
Matthew 5:6; John 4:7-14,38,39; Revelation 7:16,17; 22:1

I’m so thirsty; I can feel it burning through the furthest corners of my soul.
Deep desire can’t describe this nameless urge that drives me somewhere,
though I don’t know where to go.
        Seems I’ve heard about a River from someone who’s been,
        and they tell me once you reach it, oh, you’ll never thirst again.

        So I have to find the River; somehow my life depends on the River
        Holy River, I’m so thirsty.

Other waters I’ve been drinkin’ but they always leave me empty like before. Satisfaction, all I’m askin’; could I really feel this thirsty if there weren’t something more?

        (CODA & CHORUS)

I’m on the shore now of the wildest River and I kneel and beg for mercy from the sky.
But, no one answers; I’ve gotta take my chances ‘cause something deep inside me’s cryin’.

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