This song was written and recorded by Randy Stonehill… included on the compilation CD, Exodus.

Randall Evan “Randy” Stonehill (born March 12, 1952) is an American singer and songwriter from Stockton, California, best known as one of the pioneers of Contemporary Christian music. His music is primarily Folk Rock in the style of James Taylor, but some of his albums have focused on New Wave, Pop, Pop Rock, Roots Rock, and Children’s music.

I’d heard many Randy Stonehill songs throughout my young life, but was surprised to find his music on this compilation CD. And, this song is a great song.

This song is a prayer… a modern-day psalm, describing one’s need for God. It sings as an autobiography of Stonehill…
Bible Reference… Psalm 23:1,2; 42:1,2; 46:4; 63:1; 107:4-6; 143:6; Matthew 5:6; John 4:7-14,38,39; Revelation 7:16,17; 22:1

I was the boy with the high-water pants; too shy to go to the dance,
‘til I learned that I could sing and play guitar.
And, I finally felt like someone, though my questions still remained.
But, I’ve come to find my answers in the echo of Your name.

        And, Lord, I thirst for You, like a man in the desert needs water to drink…
        and I cling to You, like a drowning sailor trying not to sink…
        and I want to trust in Your hand of love, more than what I feel or think.
        I really do; I thirst for You.

Well, she walked backstage one night; oh, and I could feel the lightning strike.
And it happened just the way I’d always dreamed.
We got married on a winter’s day, and we discovered along the way
that to stay in love is harder than it seemed.
But, through all the times we’ve laughed or cried or let each other down,
Jesus is the heartbeat of the true love we have found. (CHORUS)

And when our baby girl arrived, oh, the air seemed electrified,
and I’ve understood what being happy means.
And I’ve always prayed from that first day, that she will understand,
that the gift of life is not complete until she takes Your hand. (CHORUS)


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