This song was written and recorded by Dallas Holm… included on his album,
Before Your Throne.

Dallas Holm has earned his influence in today’s Christian music throughout more than 45 years of writing, singing and ministry in some 4,000 concerts in every state in the USA as well as many countries abroad. His 38 recording have garnered gold records, multiple Dove awards, Grammy nominations, number one songs, and countless accolades. During his travels, Dallas also speaks and teaches what God has taught him in his journey.
Holm’s creativity and diversity offer everything from inspirational to blues, from country to reggae. Whatever the style, it all points to Christ and the Cross. Holm’s songs focus on Jesus’ life, death and resurrection and His desire for intimate relationship with us.
Dallas says, “One of the great blessings of being around this long is that now I hear nightly of how God has used this ministry to change lives through the years. People come up and share how they were saved in a concert many years ago. I receive letters from parents telling me their kids came to know Christ at a concert and I also receive letters from kids who say their parents received Christ at a concert. We know of many in ministry both here and abroad who say that it was at a Dallas Holm concert where they felt the call to ministry. These testimonies and many more are the great highlight and reward of our ministry.”

This song encourages us to focus on the Man on the cross… nothing else really matters.
Bible Reference… Psalm 128:1; Matthew 10:38; Mark 8:34; John 12:26; Colossians 3:17; Hebrews 12:2

Why do I do the things I do? Why do I say the things I say…
sing the songs I sing… pray the prayers I pray?
Why do I push myself so hard to go the second mile,
knowing my reward may only be a smile?

        Well, there’s a picture in my mind that time can’t erase.
        There’s a memory of days gone by that helps me keep my place.
        It’s in the front of my mind… in the back of my mind…
        to the left and to the right, there’s an image of Man on a cross.

Why should I care what others think? What do I care what others say,
when He has won my heart and I have found my way?
What do I care what it may cost, though it may cost my all
to walk the narrow path and hear His silent call.  (CHORUS)

        I’m constrained by the love of Christ. I’m compelled to express His light.  (CHORUS)

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