This song was written by William J. (Bill) & Gloria Gaither, and was recorded by the Gaither Vocal Band (GVB)… included on their album, God Is Good.

William J. (Bill) Gaither is an American singer and songwriter of Southern Gospel and Contemporary Christian music. He has written numerous popular Christian songs with his wife, Gloria.

The Gaither Vocal Band is an American southern gospel vocal group, named after its founder and leader, Bill Gaither. Though the group started out recording contemporary Christian music in the 1980s, it became known for southern gospel after the popularity of the Gaither Homecoming videos.
The lineup of the band changes often, with artists leaving to work on solo careers, and new and old ones coming to replace them. The 1999 version of the GVB consisted of Bill Gaither, Guy Penrod, Mark Lowry, and David Phelps.
The band has released 29 albums (not including compilations), at least 19 of which have charted. The band has also released 10 DVDs, which feature many other Christian artists as well. The Gaither Vocal Band has been honored with two Grammys and 17 Dove Awards.

I probably enjoy this song more for the harmony and the tune than the lyrics, but the lyrics are good, too.

This song encourages us to think back to those first times we heard the salvation story. Many times we heard it first through the songs we learned in church. You’ll hear many of the old hymns referenced in this song.
Can you remember the people and places that were part of the first times you heard about Jesus and His love for you? Can you remember some of the first songs about Jesus you learned?
Bible Reference… Psalm 77:6; Ephesians 5:19; Colossians 3:16

Jesus loves me, this I know for the Bible tells me so.  And I heard it first on the radio.
Amazing grace – how sweet the sound; the lost and lonely can be found
and grace can even save a wretch like me.
No other love could make a way. No other love my debt could pay.
And I heard it first on the radio.

Needing refuge for my soul when I had no place to go. And I heard it first on the radio.
From a life of wasted years, He gave me peace and calmed my fears…
and I heard it first on the radio.
Had I not heard, where would I be without this love that lifted me
when I was lost and nothing else would help?
Just as I was without one plea, sweet Jesus came and rescued me…
and I heard it first on the radio.

Alas, and did my Savior bleed that captive spirits could be freed…
and I heard it first on the radio.
My soul has found a resting place until I meet Him face to face…
and I heard it first on the radio.
I love to tell the story true, and those who know still love it, too.
Oh, what a precious Friend we have in Him.
And when, in glory, saints will tell ’twill be the theme they love so well…
and we heard it first on the radio.


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