This song was written by Terry and Barbi Franklin , and was recorded by the Ruppes… the title song of their 4th album.

Terry and Barbi Franklin are American singers and songwriters of Contemporary and Inspirational Christian music. Together, they have written numerous popular Christian songs. They have been ministering together in a music and speaking ministry since 1985 called “Love Sings! Ministries” (formerly known as “Heart for the World”).

The Ruppes (now travelling under the name Sisters) are a female Southern Gospel trio of sisters: Kim Ruppe Sheffield, Heather Ruppe Bennett, and Valerie Ruppe Medkiff. They got their start in Southern Gospel music by traveling with their mother, Brenda Ruppe.
Their harmony while singing is the tightest I’ve heard! They are so pleasing to listen to… and their lyrics usually tell a beautiful story, too. This song is considered by many to be the song they are most known for.
I don’t remember where or when I first heard The Ruppes, but I’m glad I did!

This song reminds us that Jesus can be the Rrefuge in any and every storm. We need only put our anchor down in Him.
Bible Reference… Psalm 18:2; 31:20; 46:1; 71:3; 91:2; Isaiah 25:4; Jeremiah 16:19

My heart was like a battered ship, tossed on the stormy sea;
forgotten… with no ocean breeze, as lost as I could be.
Then I found the Beacon in my night; He became my Guiding Light
and He brought my soul to a shelter of peace.

Now I’ve anchored my soul in the Harbor of Hope,
where the peaceful waters of His love flow.
A place of rest and refuge from the howling winds that blow,
a Haven from the hurricanes that rage against my soul…
Jesus is my Harbor of Hope.

When the tempest waves I face stir up the fear in me,
never lost, alone, again… His plan is all I need.
Now I’m in His cove of tender care, and there’s a sanctuary here
When the gusty winds of life blow over me. (CHORUS)

Many torn and tattered ships on their voyage ‘cross the sea
Have found this place of quiet rest and everlasting peace. (CHORUS)


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