This song was written by Steve Mauldin and Tina Sadler, and was recorded by the Gaither Vocal Band (GVB)… included on their album, I Do Believe.

Steve Mauldin is a composer, producer, and arranger who began his formal musical training early, while growing up in Greenville, SC, taking piano lessons from his mother, Joan, and touring with the Mauldin Family Singers. In 1972, Steve joined the staff at Mark Five Recording Studios as a professional studio musician, playing sessions for a variety of styles of music. His skills as a musician and arranger served the region as he performed his services for several area studios. In the fall of that year he entered Furman University where he would earn a classical degree in Music Theory.
In 1981, Steve moved to Nashville, TN. Within weeks of his arrival, he was offered a job playing bass for world-renowned guitarist Chet Atkins. Eventually, through contacts first made by Atkins, Steve would work with some of the biggest names in country and Christian music.

Tina Sadler has written many songs for southern gospel artists, most notably the Gaither Vocal Band.

The Gaither Vocal Band is an American southern gospel vocal group, named after its founder and leader Bill Gaither. Though the group started out recording contemporary Christian music in the 1980s, it became known for southern gospel after the popularity of the Gaither Homecoming videos.
The lineup of the band changes often, with artists leaving to work on solo careers, and new and old ones coming to replace them. Besides Bill Gaither, singers with the longest tenure in the band include Guy Penrod (1995–2008), Mark Lowry (1988–2002, 2009–13), Michael English (1985–94, 2009–13), David Phelps (1998–2005, 2009–17) and Wes Hampton (2005–present).
The band has released 29 albums (not including compilations), at least 19 of which have charted. The band has also released 10 DVDs, which feature many other Christian artists as well. The Gaither Vocal Band has been honored with two Grammys and 17 Dove Awards.
The 2000 version of the GVB consisted of Bill Gaither, Guy Penrod, Mark Lowry, and David Phelps. It may have been the best quartet of the many variations the GVB had.

This song describes the paradox of a God who can and does everything… yet focuses so much on people like you and me.
Bible Reference… Nehemiah 9:6; Psalm 50:11; 136:5; Isaiah 40:28; Matthew 6:26; John 1:3; Colossians 1:15-17; Hebrews 1:3

He has Jupiter for a pillow, an angel choir for a lullaby,
clouds for a blanket, and the moon is his night light.
But, He don’t ever sleep, ’cause He’s busy watching over me.
He rules the universe from His throne on high.
But, when I need attention He is by my side;
He’s watching me. Yes, He’s watching me.

        He’s a busy God, but on His list of things to do,
        His number one priority is watching me and you.
        He’s taking care of business, feeding birds, and making rain,
        but He’ll stop what He’s doing when I speak His name.
        ‘Cause He’s watching… He’s watching me.

He might be busy painting rainbows, or making demons plead.
But, He’ll still find the time to make some time for you and me.
There’s nothing – no, no, nothing – He would rather do.
Well, He knows when I’m in trouble; He don’t miss a beat.
One eye’s on that sparrow, and the other one’s on me;
He’s watching me. Yes, He’s watching me. (CHORUS)

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