This song was written by Craig Edwards, and was recorded by Greater Vision… included on their album, Perfect Candidate.

Dr. Craig Edwards is the Pastor of Mayberry Baptist in Mount Airy, North Carolina. He has 2 recorded songs to his credit.

Greater Vision is an American Southern Gospel music trio. It is one of Southern gospel’s most popular trios and have been noted for their prolonged commercial and musicals success spanning over two decades.
The group formed in 1990 when Gerald Wolfe left the Cathedral Quartet to form his own group. He added former Cathedrals alum Mark Trammell as baritone singer and bass guitar player and recruited tenor Chris Allman. The group quickly became a success.
In 1993, Mark Trammell departed for Gold City and was replaced by Dixie Melody Boys baritone singer and bass guitarist Rodney Griffin. Allman left in late 1995 and was replaced by Jason Waldroup. This lineup of Wolfe, Griffin, and Waldroup stayed intact for 13 years and was both immensely popular and successful. Waldroup’s smooth tenor and Griffin’s strong baritone and songwriting ability launched the group into the forefront of the gospel music scene.

I first heard Greater Vusion just recently… but their songs are usually peppy, and fun to sing along with.

This song speaks to the paradox that was Jesus… God in the flesh. He was 100% man, yet also 100% God. It cannot be explained; it can only be accepted by faith.
Bible Reference… Matthew 4:2; 8:10,26-27; 16:21; 18:20; 28:18,20; Luke 2:7,52; 7:14-15; 11:17; 24:39; John 1:1-14; 4:6,29; 11:35,38-44; 19:28; Acts 18:10; Galatians 4:4; Colossians 1:16; 2:9; Hebrews 4:15; Revelation 1:8

Who was that babe born in Bethlehem;
They laid Him in a manger, there was no room in the inn?
He was born of a virgin. He was God’s only Son.
The angels shouted in the night that “Christ had come!”

Who was that man, the man of Galilee;
Who made the lame to walk and caused the blind to see?
He cleansed the spotted leper. He spoke with authority.
He broke the chains of sin and set the captives free.

        He was so much man that He slept in a boat,
        yet He was so much God that the winds ceased when He spoke.
        He was so much man that He wept when Lazarus died,
        yet He was so much God, Lazarus came forth when He cried.
        He was so much man that He thirsted at the well,
        yet He was so much God that He saved her soul from Hell.
        He was so much man that He died upon a tree,
        He was so much God that He rose in victory.

Who was that man who, crying from the tree:
“Father, please forgive them for what they’ve done to Me”?
They placed Him in a borrowed tomb, a stone held fast the door.
He rose up from the grave and He lives forevermore. (CHORUS)


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