This song was written by Rodney Griffin, and was recorded by Greater Vision… included on their album, Perfect Candidate.

Greater Vision is an American Southern gospel music trio. It is one of Southern gospel’s most popular trios and have been noted for their prolonged commercial and musicals success spanning over two decades.
The group formed in 1990 when Gerald Wolfe left the Cathedral Quartet to form his own group. He added former Cathedrals alum Mark Trammell as baritone singer and bass guitar player and recruited tenor Chris Allman. The group quickly became a success.
In 1993, Mark Trammell departed for Gold City and was replaced by Dixie Melody Boys baritone singer and bass guitarist Rodney Griffin. Allman left in late 1995 and was replaced by Jason Waldroup. This lineup of Wolfe, Griffin, and Waldroup stayed intact for 13 years and was both immensely popular and successful. Waldroup’s smooth tenor and Griffin’s strong baritone and songwriting ability launched the group into the forefront of the gospel music scene.

This song tells the story of Jesus meeting the woman at the well; He knew all about her and she trusted Him for salvation. That same salvation is still available to us today.
Bible Reference… John 4:1-42

Jesus’ feet were growing weary as He journeyed on His way,
So He rested at a well side… a comfort in the heat of day.
There, He waited for a woman, black with sin and bound for Hell;
When she arrived He plainly told her, “What you need’s not in the well.”

        He’s still waiting by the well… and He’s holding out His hand;
        If you’ll drink this living water, you won’t have to thirst again.
        He’s been waiting by the well side, knowing you’d be passing by,
        So take advantage of the moment. He’s not gone,
        He’s still waiting by the well.

Are you tired of being thirsty, even though you’ve had your fill
Of the water that the world gives? Does it leave you longing still?
Well, there’s good news up at the well side; a woman’s voice rings loud and clear.
She says this Man changed her forever, and – if you need hope, you can find it here!  (CHORUS)


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