This song was written by Roger Bennett, and was recorded by Legacy 5… included on their album, London.

Roger Bennett (born March 10, 1959) grew up in Strawberry, Arkansas. He was raised in a Missionary Baptist home. In 1979, Roger fulfilled his lifelong dream of being a part of professional Southern Gospel music when he was invited by Glen Payne and George Younce to join the legendary Cathedral Quartet. Though he left the group for 2 years (1987–1989) to serve as the president of Journey Records, Roger was the group’s pianist at the time of the quartet’s retirement in 1999. Roger also served as the Cathedrals’ lead singer for the final 3 months of the group’s farewell tour in 1999, following the passing of long-time lead, Glen Payne.
Following the retirement of The Cathedrals, Roger and fellow Cathedrals member, Scott Fowler, launched the Southern Gospel group, Legacy Five.

Legacy Five’s original lineup consisted of tenor Josh Cobb, lead Scott Fowler, baritone Scott Howard, bass Glenn Dustin, and pianist Roger Bennett. Bennett supplied a fifth vocal part in some songs, but, when he sang, it was mainly on the verses.

This song celebrates the amazing grace of God.
Bible Reference… Ephesians 2:8,9; Hebrews 4:16; Titus 2:11-14

        O, I found grace, at the foot of a rugged cross on Calvary.
        I found grace, grace with the awesome power to set the captive free.
        I found grace… sustaining grace. I found grace… redeeming grace.
        Yes, I found grace… fulfilling, indwelling grace; His loving grace.
        Yes, I found grace… amazing grace to meet my need. (Repeat)

I sought for wisdom in the ways of this world, but no wisdom could be found.
I sought for meaning in the words of great men, but their words just let me down.
Not seeking justice for the things that I’d done,
my soul needed mercy and I found it in God’s Son. (CHORUS)

Give up the search, it’s a useless dream your chasing;
you’ll find no peace until you seek His face.
The answers right before you at the foot of the cross;
you’ll find that it’s a holy place.
Confess your sins and lay them all down.
Pick up your cross and let Jesus turn your life around. (CHORUS)


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