This song was written by Joel Lindsey and Wayne Haun, and was recorded by The Perrys… included on their album, This Is The Day.

Joel Lindsey is, first and foremost, a songwriter. He writes for artists in a lot of different genres, and writes musicals for church choirs to sing. He was with Brentwood Benson for almost 20 years and has been with Word since then. He has had over 2000 songs recorded!
In addition to being a songwriter, he is a publisher and a music mentor.

Producer/Songwriter Wayne Haun is a multi-Dove Award winner with an unprecedented number of nominations. Haun entered the music scene in 1995, starting Daywind Music Publishing. He quickly established himself as one of the industry’s premier producers, and has become one of the most sought-after orchestrators.
Throughout the late ‘90s and early 2000’s, Haun produced several #1 singles for multiple groups. He’s been Producer of the Year for the Southern Gospel Music Association on countless occasions. He works with artists and groups in a variety of genres.

The Perrys are a Southern gospel quartet based in Gallatin, Tennessee.
The group has had a rotating roster of singers almost from the very beginning.

This song voices regret, wishing to be witness to the many great things Jesus said and did… listing several of them in this song. I, too, wish I could’ve been there.
Bible Reference… Mark 10:27; Luke 18:27

Well, a woman was healed when she touched the hem of His clothes;
that’s just one of those stories that everybody knows.
Oh, I know the facts but I’d love to feel
what the blind man felt when his eyes were healed;
he went running through the streets to share.

        I wish I could have been there
        when the thousands were fed with just two fish and some bread
        and see the little boy a packin’ up the rest.
        I wish I could have been there
        to see the lame that could leap and hear the dumb that could speak
        and see the multitudes of people Jesus blessed.
        I wish I could have seen the stone that went a rollin’ away
        when they looked inside the door to where the grave clothes lay.
        I didn’t see, but I believe that He ascended in the air.
        And I really wish I could have been there

When He commanded Lazarus to walk right out of His grave
and, in a Galilean storm, He started calming the waves.
I wanna feel that breeze blowing on my face;
I wanna know the smell… I wanna taste the taste.
Just reading ’bout it couldn’t compare. (CHORUS)


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