This song was written by Rodney Griffin, and was recorded by Greater Vision… included on their album, When I See The Cross.

Greater Vision is a Southern Gospel trio founded in 1990 by Gerald Wolfe, Mark Trammell, and Chris Allman, and has often been accompanied by pianist, Stan Whitmire (though he was never an official member of the group). Over the last several years, this trio has consistently been named Southern Gospel’s favorite trio of the year in the Singing News Fan Awards. With numerous top-10 and #1 Southern Gospel hit songs, and several songs named “Song of the Year” in the Singing News Fan Awards, this trio has established a solid presence in the Southern Gospel industry.
Members in later years included Chris Allman, Gerald Wolfe, Jason Waldroup, Mark Trammell, and Rodney Griffin.

This song reminds us that Jesus would have still been God even if He hadn’t done all the miracles He did. And He’s worthy of our praise, no matter what!
Bible Reference… Mark 4:38; Luke 1:26-35; John 5:1-15; 9
“Master, carest Thou not that we perish? Can’t You see that we’re about to die?
This boat we’re on is surely going under. Save us now!”, His disciples cried.
So, Jesus rose to stand against the tempest, knowing His disciples had no faith.
Just to prove that He was still the Master, He spoke, and the winds and seas obeyed.

        But, He’d still been God, even if He’d never calmed a storm on a raging sea.
        He’d still been God, even if He’d never caused a blinded eye to see.
        He’d still been God even if He’d never brought a crippled man to his feet.
        It’s not about what He did. It’s all about Who He was.
        ‘Cause even if He’d never come and done a single miracle,
        then Jesus woulda’ still been God.

Mary was His loving, earthly mother; she understood the purpose of her Son.
Ever since the angel’s come and told her: “this Child is the blessed Son of God.”
So, when she’d see the people gather ‘round Him, watching for a miracle to prove
That He would be their one and great Messiah,
she just smiled…‘cause she already knew. (CHORUS)


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