This song was written and recorded by Janet Paschal… included on her album, The Good Road.

Janet Paschal, a native of Reidsville, North Carolina, was raised in a Christian and musically inclined family. Her grandfather was a minister.
Following high school graduation, Paschal was invited to become a member of the southern gospel group, The LeFevres. The group changed its name to the Rex Nelon Singers after the last LeFevre retired from the group. She became a member of televangelist Jimmy Swaggart’s Crusade Team. Paschal began her solo career in 1986, releasing her first album entitled “I Give you Jesus” on Jimmy Swaggart’s record label, Shiloh Records.
Since then, Janet has received several awards, released 9 successful albums, and received Grammy nominations.
Paschal was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, and received 11 months of treatment… and a clean bill of health.
Paschal performed her self-penned song, “Another Soldier’s Coming Home”, written as a tribute to her grandfather, upon invitation for the National Memorial Service of Michael Blassie, the first unknown soldier to be exhumed and positively identified. The song is frequently performed by the United States Army Band and in a special video presentation at Los Angeles’ Forest Lawn Memorial Park. It became the signature song for the organization, Grief Share.

I first heard Janet Paschal – and saw her live – as part of the Rex Nelon Family Singers.
This song is a sentimental song… and could be sung of many believers who have died and gone on to be with God.
Bible Reference… Psalm 116:15; Romans 8:16,17,38,39; 14:8; Rev. 14:13

His back is bent and weary; his voice is tired and low.
His sword is worn from battle, and his steps have gotten slow.
But, he used to walk on water, or it seemed that way to me;
I know he moved some mountains and never left his knees.

        Strike up the band! Assemble the choir! Another soldier’s coming home!
        Another warrior hears the call he’s waited for so long.
        He’ll battle no more, but he’s won his wars.
        Make sure Heaven’s table has room for at least one more.
        Sing a welcome song… another soldier’s coming home

He faced the winds of sorrow, but his heart knew no retreat.
He walked in narrow places, knowing Christ knew no defeat.
But, now his steps turn homeward; so much closer to the prize.
He’s sounding kind of homesick, and there’s longing in his eyes. (CHORUS)


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