This song was recorded by The Hoppers… included on their album, Great Day.

The Hoppers are a Southern Gospel, family ensemble group from North Carolina; they first began performing together in 1957. They appeared at the inauguration ceremony for Ronald Reagan in 1981. They won awards for Mixed Vocal Group at the Southern Gospel Music Awards in 1982 and 1983.
Kim Greene of The Greenes joined the group in 1989 after marrying vocalist and former drummer Dean Hopper the year before. Mike Hopper married Denice in 1996, who became the group’s pianist. In 1998, their version of “Shoutin’ Time” became their biggest hit, and the group performed with Bill and Gloria Gaither. They won several Southern Gospel Music Awards in following years.
The group has frequently appeared on the Gaither Homecoming tour.

This song is an amazing song!  It brings tears to my eyes almost every time I hear it.
It describes John’s vision of Jerusalem, the holy city.
Bible Reference… Revelation 21,22

John saw a city that could not be hid; John saw the city, oh, yes, he did!
John caught a glimpse of the golden throne; tell me all about it… go right on!
Around the throne he saw the crystal sea; there’s got to be more. What will it be?
I want to go to that city he saw… New Jerusalem.

        Jerusalem! I want to walk your streets that are golden,
        and I want to run where the angels have trod.
        Jerusalem! I want to rest on the banks of your river;
        in that city… the city of God.

John saw the lion lay down by the lamb; I want to know everything about that land.
John saw the day, but he did not see night; the Lamb of God – well, He must be the light.
And he saw the saints worship the great I Am; crying, “Worthy, worthy is the Lamb!”
I want to go to that city he saw… New Jerusalem! (CHORUS)

        Jerusalem! Jerusalem! Sing for the night is over!
        Hosanna in the highest! Hosanna, forever… forevermore! (CHORUS)


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