This song was written by Mark Narmore and Adam Dorsey, and was recorded by Craig Morgan… included on his album, My Kind Of Livin’.

A Chinese restaurant might not seem like the best environment to cook up a song inspired by going to church in the South, but that’s exactly where songwriters Adam Dorsey and Mark Narmore came up with Craig Morgan’s smash “That’s What I Love About Sunday”- and it turned out to be more successful than any fortune cookie could have predicted. Mark, who lives in Muscle Shoals, AL., was commuting to Nashville twice a week to write songs. “This one day, I was on my way in when Adam called about this idea he had for a song,” he recalls. “We met for lunch at this Chinese place to hash it out.” “I had always wanted to write a Sunday church song,” says Adam, who attends ministry classes once a week at a seminary in Birmingham. “I basically had a title, ‘That’s What Sundays Are For,’ and a couple of images.” As they settled in to write, Mark and Adam drew on their diverse backgrounds. “I’m from Southern California,” explains Adam, “and Mark grew up in Alabama, and the church cultures are very different. But it was easy for us to come up with universal images that people could relate to.” For example, the main characters in the song were based on real-life family and friends. “My mother’s name is Betty,” says Mark, “and the kid that broke the window is based on something that happened when I was about 10 years old.” Adam adds, “Our best friends at church are the Martins, though they don’t have a mean freckle-faced kid.” The two were on a holy roll, finishing the tune that afternoon. “The song just developed,” says Adam. “I’m not sure who changed the title from ‘That’s What Sundays Are For,’ but it worked perfectly with the melody we had.” Adam pitched the song to his friend Craig Morgan. “I thought that Craig would be right for it because he feels very strongly about his faith, and that means a lot to me,” says Adam. “And his performance couldn’t have been better.” The song’s performance on the charts was also impressive. “That’s What I Love About Sunday” is Craig’s biggest hit to date, reaching #1.

Craig Morgan Greer (born July 17, 1964) is an American country music artist. A veteran of the United States Army as a forward observer, Morgan began his musical career in 2000 on Atlantic Records, releasing his self-titled debut album for that label before the closure of its Nashville division in 2000. In 2002, Morgan signed to the independent Broken Bow Records, on which he released three studio albums… including this album.

Craig Morgan is one of my favorite all-time country singers. Many of his songs are affirming of faith and family… and country living.

This song speaks to many of the good things about a traditional Sunday… the kind I enjoyed growing up (and still enjoy today!).
Bible Reference… Exodus 20:11; Mark 16:2; Luke 24:1; John 20:1;
Acts 20:7; 1Corinthians 16:1,2

Raymond’s in his Sunday best; he’s usually up to his chest in oil and grease.
There’s the Martins walking in with that mean little freckle-faced kid
who broke a window last week.
Sweet Miss Betty likes to sing off-key in the pew behind me.

That’s what I love about Sunday… sing along as the choir sways,
every verse of Amazing Grace, and then we shake the preacher’s hand.
Go home into your blue jeans, have some chicken and some baked beans,
pick a backyard football team, not do much of anything.
That’s what I love about Sunday.

I stroll to the end of the drive, pick up the Sunday Times, grab a coffee cup.
Looks like Sally and Rob finally tied the knot; well, it’s about time.
It’s thirty-five cents off of ground round; baby, cut that coupon out! (2nd CHORUS)

That’s what I love about Sunday… cat-nappin’ on a porch swing,
you curled up next to me; the smell of jasmine wakes us up.
Take a walk down a back road, tackle box and a cane pole,
carve our names in that white oak, steal a kiss as the sun fades.
That’s what I love about Sunday.

New believers getting baptized! Mama’s hands raised up high!
Havin’ a Hallelujah good time; a smile on everybody’s face!
That’s what I love about Sunday! That’s what I love about Sunday!


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