This song was written by Marc Martel, Jason Germain, and Josh Goode; and was recorded by Downhere… included on their album, Wide-Eyed And Mystified.

Downhere (stylized as downhere) is a Christian rock band from Canada. They have released 6 studio albums to date and have won several Juno and Covenant Awards.
The band was formed by Marc Martel and Jason Germain, who were roommates at Briercrest Bible College in Caronport, Saskatchewan, Canada. In 1999, Martel and Germain added fellow Canadians Jeremy Thiessen and Tyson Manning, along with American Corey Doak, and released an album independently on Slyngshot Records. Tyson and Doak left the band, and, later on, Downhere signed with Word Records. In 2001, they moved to Nashville, TN. The band soon added bassist Glenn Lavender, whom they had met two years earlier. Downhere’s independent album was reissued with the inclusion of bassist Lavender, and released in 2001 as their international debut, downhere.

I don’t remember the first time I heard downhere, but, since then, I’ve appreciated the depth of their lyrics and their sound. In fact, I’ve led a Bible Study I put together, based on the lyrics of several of their songs.

This song reminds us that Jesus said “I love you”… to each of us and all of us… in a way that’s incomparable. It could not be said a better way.
Bible Reference… John 13:1,12; 15:9,13; Romans 8:35; Ephesians 5:2; 1John 3:16

I’m not alone; I really believe You never go… You never leave.
Here and now, You always stay; and “I love you” could not be said a better way.

        It’s everything You’ve promised; there’s no greater love than this.
        From prophets until today; a Man laying down His life for His friends.
        Your sacrifice has spoken. You gave everything.
        And “I love you” could not be said a better way.

I am forgiven; I clearly see it’s why You came to do all you did for me.
Trading earth with Heaven, You took my place.
“I love you” could not be said a better way. (CHORUS)

        Because You redeem, I know what’s to come.
        Everything I could lose here, You’ve already won.
        So, You have my surrender; with passion obey.
        “I love you” could not be said a better way.


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