This song was recorded by The Booth Brothers… included on their album, Room For More.

The long history of the Booth Brothers starts when Ron Booth, Sr. was a teenager and formed the original group with brothers Charles Booth, James Booth, and Wallace Booth after moving to Detroit in the late ’50s.
They sang locally and regionally until 1963, when Ron Sr. disbanded the group and started singing with the Toney Brothers. Though these quartets never achieved much more fame than the musical portion of the neighborhood church picnic, Ron Booth, Sr. was a deeply spiritual and musical person after he married and moved south to Brandon, Florida, and had two sons and raised them to be musicians.
In 1990, the youngest of his sons, Michael Booth, formed the second incarnation of the Booth Brothers by recruiting his father and his brother Ronnie Booth, Jr. With the addition of pianist Tim Sievert, the quartet started singing under the name Ron Booth & the Booth Brothers. A few years later, Sievert left the band due to increasing hand problems, but they continued as a trio… made up of Michael Booth – tenor,
Ronnie Booth – lead, and Jim Brady – baritone.
They are known for their tight, smooth harmony.

This song speaks of grace… the undeserved attention and love from God, in spite of who we are and what we’ve done.
Bible Reference… Romans 11:6; Ephesians 1:6,7; 2:5,8,9; 2Timothy 1:9; Titus 2:11; 3:7; 1John 1:9

I don’t believe He’s sitting up in Heaven, evaluating sinners by their scars.
But, I see Him excited to forgive us; and it’s not at all in spite of who we are.

        When He saved me, He knew what I had done… what I would do.
        He looked beyond the worst in me and saw not what I was;
        He saw what I could be.

He looked at all the broken scattered pieces, and made a brand new vessel of my life.
Every day, possibility increases ’cause He placed me in a dream that never dies.  (CHORUS)

        And, though I was a sinner, the Savior heard my cry;
        His mercy came and rescued me. He did not pass me by. (CHORUS)


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