This song was written and recorded by Francesca Battistelli… included on her album, My Paper Heart.

Francesca Battistelli (born May 18, 1985) grew up in New York City, in a musical family with both of her parents involved in musical theatre. When she was 15, she became a member of the Orlando, Florida all-girl mainstream pop group Bella. The group’s touring performances included singing and dancing, which were two things she loved. After the group disbanded, Battistelli picked up the guitar and began writing songs.
As an independent artist in 2004, Battistelli released her debut album, Just a Breath. In early 2008, she released the I’m Letting Go EP exclusively through iTunes on Fervent Records which contains 4 songs, including the title track. Those 4 songs were included on her first major label studio album, My Paper Heart. The song “Free to Be Me” received a Grammy nomination; it was partially inspired when she backed her car into a lawyer’s car, resulting in the line “’cause I got a couple dents in my fender”.
Battistelli’s music is influenced by several genres. One reviewer wrote: “Battistelli’s soulful piano-pop sound resembles a blend of her music interests—jazz, rock, gospel and R&B.” Battistelli stated that when she first began writing music, “I really longed to bring something authentic to the [Christian music] scene that even non-Christians could listen to.”
In 2009, Battistelli married percussionist Matthew Goodwin. They have 3 sons and a daughter.

Francesca is fun to listen to… unless she sings a song that is obviously intended to make one think. And those songs are great, too!

This song reminds believers of the freedom we have in Christ. Freedom in Christ is true freedom. Until you understand and accept Him as Lord and Savior, you will stay in bondage to sin, shackled by many chains. Give your heart to Jesus today and shake off those chains, if you have not already.
Bible Reference… John 8:36; 2Corinthians 3:17; Galatians 5:1

At twenty years of age, I’m still looking for a dream;
a war’s already waged for my destiny.
But, You’ve already won the battle and You’ve got great plans for me.
Though I can’t always see…

        ‘Cause I got a couple dents in my fender, got a couple rips in my jeans;
        try to fit the pieces together, but perfection is my enemy.
        And, on my own, I’m so clumsy, but on Your shoulders I can see
        I’m free to be me.

When I was just a girl, I thought I had it figured out;
See, my life would turn out right and I’d make it here somehow.
But, things don’t always come that easy and, sometimes, I would doubt, oh…  (CHORUS)

Sometimes I believe that I can do anything,
yet, other times, I think I’ve got nothing good to bring.
But, You look at my heart and You tell me that I’ve got all You seek.
Oh, and it’s easy to believe, even though…  (CHORUS)

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