This song was written by Gerald Crabb, and has been recorded by The Crabb Family, and also Kim Hopper… included on her album, I Just Wanted You To Know.

Gerald Crabb was born in the small rural town of Rosine, Kentucky. As a young boy, Gerald was passionate about music. At age 5, he sang for the first time in public at a church in Louisville. By age 11, Gerald was playing the guitar and was preaching by age 16. Over the years, God has blessed Gerald with a thriving ministry and a compelling career in music as a singer, songwriter, publisher, and producer.
In 1994, Gerald founded the internationally known group, the Crabb Family, and led them to a whirlwind of success. During the Crabb Family’s tenure, they claimed many number one songs, numerous awards and opportunities to sing on platforms across the nation and abroad.
During Gerald’s songwriting career, he has written over 475 songs with 24 of those claiming the #1 spot nationally. Crabb has been awarded numerous songwriting awards throughout his career.

One of the country’s most dynamic voices is that of Kim Hopper. As a small child, Kim Greene first began singing with her brothers as a part of the talented musical family, The Greenes. Kim sang with her family for 10 years before marrying Dean Hopper in November of 1988. As a result, the following year, Kim joined “America’s Favorite Family of Gospel Music”, The Hoppers. Soon after joining this renowned family group, Kim was featured on their first #1, “Here I Am” in 1990. Kim has enjoyed many industry and fan awards as her anointed vocal talent is respected by fans and industry peers alike.

This song remembers the future hope that belongs to all believers.
Bible Reference… Revelation 21,22

I don’t have the answers to the questions that this life so often throws at me.
At times this world feels like a prison to an anxious soul that’s waiting just to be set free.
But, I will hold to my hope; a promise made long ago:
“If you will trust in Me, I’ll take you to a land where you’ll see…”

        “Nobody will die anymore. No one will hurt like before.
        Nobody will say good-bye. No tears will fill our eyes.
        No one will do without; no curse, no fear and doubt.
        Won’t you take My hand, go with Me to the Promised Land.”

From the four winds of the earth, the multitudes will gather In the Promised Land.
From every race and every generation, unified, we will rise up hand in hand.
Together we’ll stand as one; so thankful we’ve overcome.
The dawning of a brand new day, in unison, we’ll lift our praise. (CHORUS)


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