This song was written by Connie Miller , and was recorded by Weston Hinson and his group, By Faith… included on their album, Home With You Tonight.

Ask any Southern Gospel fan about their favorite family groups and the name of The Hinsons invariably arises; they are certainly my favorite family group! With their distinctive country style, catchy tunes and strong lyrics, siblings Ronny, Kenny, Larry and Yvonne Hinson carved their niche and began a family tradition that still exists today.
Weston Hinson, son of Kenny, now sings with his wife Christy and the duet brings soulful, powerhouse songs with the unmistakable message of the gospel.
The Hinson sound is alive and well in this couple, and Kenny’s voice lives on in Weston’s delivery.
It was not too long after Christy and Weston started dating that Weston started singing with her and her parents; they formed the group, Weston Hinson & By Faith. They all sang together for a little over 2 years. In 2010, Weston and Christy felt God calling them into fulltime ministry, which her parents could not do at the time. They started as The Weston Hinson Group, trying out a couple of other singers in an 8-month period. They couldn’t find a fit, so they decided to just be Weston and Christy Hinson. They still travel and sing today.

I had always liked the Hinsons, especially Kenny Hinson’s unique voice… and Weston can sound just like him! When I was pastor of West Fork First Baptist in West Fork, AR, we hosted Weston Hinson and By Faith. This song was a special song for many of our people.

This song enjoys the unique relationship and peace only God can provide.
Bible Reference… Psalm 6:2-4; 9:9,10; 27:1; 34:18; 37:23,24; Isaiah 41:13;
1Peter 5:6,7

Here I am again… I’m needing my best Friend;
the storm is much too strong for me this time.
But, there’s comfort, Lord, in You; You always know just what to do
when the waves of fear start tearing at my mind.

        And you hold me, Lord, in that quiet place where I know that I can hide.
        Oh so close, ‘til I can’t tell just where I end and You begin.
        Hold me, Lord. You always hold me, Lord.

When there’s pain no one can see, and it brings me to my knees,
You’re the only One who hears my silent cry.
And, Lord, if not for You I don’t know just what I’d do,
‘cause You give me strength for the mountains I can’t climb. (CHORUS)
        When I fall, You pick me up. And when I thirst, You fill my cup, Lord.
        I find safety in the shadow of Your love. (CHORUS)


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