This song was written by Chad Robert Cates, James Todd Smith, and Tony W. Wood. It has been recorded by several artists/groups, but was recorded first by Selah… included on their album, You Deliver Me.

When asked to describe himself professionally, Chad Cates calls himself a Songwriter/Producer/Dreamer. He has written 7 #1 songs and 25 radio singles… among many other songs. He has won 2 Dove Awards and has had 5 Dove Award Nominations.
James Todd Smith is a singer and founding member of the contemporary Christian music band, Selah. Smith remains an original member since its founding in 1997.
Tony Webster Wood is an American Christian musician, presently signed as a Word Records writer. He works as a producer, songwriter, composer, lyricist, bassist, and drummer of gospel music and Christian music.

Selah was originally formed by brother and sister, Todd and Nicol Smith (now Nicol Sponberg), along with friend Allan Hall. The group quickly gained success with the release of their first album, Be Still My Soul, in 1999. They quickly earned a reputation for being able to reveal the heart of any song they recorded, transforming old Christian hymns into a more modern style and with their powerful voices and beautiful harmonies. Todd and Nicol, who spent their childhood in Subsaharan Africa, brought many African elements to their songs as well; they are as comfortable singing in Kituba, as they are in English. Todd gives credit for his music career to his missionary upbringing.
Nicol left the group in 2004 to pursue a solo career, and – for most of 2005 – Melodie Crittenden sang with the group. After auditioning 15 female vocalists, Amy Perry became a full-time member based on her vocal abilities and spirituality. Allan Hall also began to get a more active singing role, from originally being the band’s accompanist.

I have always enjoyed Selah’s songs and style.

This song speaks to the greatest paradox in history… the cross upon which Jesus died for your sins and mine.
Bible Reference… Isaiah 53:3-5; Luke 23:33; Philippians 2:5-11; 1Peter 2:24; 3:18

There is a beautiful terrible cross where, though You committed no sin,
Savior, You suffered the most wicked fate on the cruelest creation of men.
Yet on that beautiful terrible cross, You did what only You could;
turning that dark-inspired evil of Hell into our soul’s greatest good.

        We see the love that You showed us! We see the life that You lost!
        We bow in wonder and praise You for the beautiful terrible cross!

There, on that beautiful terrible cross, though darkness was strong on that hill,
You remained sovereign, Lord, still in control as Your perfect plan was fulfilled.

        Oh, we gained the riches of Heaven; Jesus, You paid the horrible cost.
        We stand forgiven and praise You for the beautiful terrible cross…
        for the beautiful terrible cross.

        In the cross, in the cross be my glory ever
        ‘til my raptured soul shall find rest beyond the river.


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