This song was written and recorded by Mark Bishop… included on his album, Just Pay Attention.

Mark Bishop has one of the most distinctive voices in all of Gospel Music. He is also regarded as one of the preeminent Gospel songwriters of our generation. His songs have been recorded by several of today’s most popular Gospel Music groups. Once you have heard one of Mark’s thought-provoking songs, you’ll immediately know why Gospel Music lovers consider him one of the genre’s top singer/songwriters.
Mark’s musical roots trace back to Kentucky, singing on the front porch with his family. It was then that the Bishop family began to form a musical foundation that would usher them to the forefront of Gospel Music. During their career, The Bishops enjoyed enormous success across all outlets, with 27 national Top-40 songs, including 12 Top 5 songs and 3 #1 songs, while singing to full houses in Gospel Music venues and churches across the United States and Canada. The group received numerous awards and accolades from their fans and peers, and appeared on popular national TV programs including Nashville Now, The Grand Ole Opry, Crooke and Chase, The World Today with John Hagee, The Gaither Homecoming TV and Video series and many, many others.
Since embarking on a solo career in 2002, Mark Bishop has not missed a beat. He has been honored with multiple nominations and awards in a broad range of categories from leading Gospel Music publications and organizations. He is one of the select few soloists who have been invited to perform on the Main Stage of Gospel Music’s signature event, the National Quartet Convention. Over the past 30 years, Mark’s songs are staples on Gospel Music radio, accumulating numerous hits on the national airplay charts.
But, Mark would tell you his greatest successes are not measured by chart-topping songs, awards, sold out concerts, or television appearances. He is most proud of his family and equally grateful for their support of his efforts to share through song, the message of God’s love, mercy, and grace. Mark and his wife, Carolyn, have been married for over 30 years and have raised 2 wonderful daughters. They faithfully attend a small, country church where Mark’s dad is the pastor.

This song looks back to David & Goliath… and reminds us what God can do with just 5 smooth stones.
Bible Reference… Deuteronomy 31:6; 1Samuel 17; Psalm 27:1; 56:3,4; Isaiah 41:10,13; 1Corinthians 16:13; 2Timothy 1:7

Have you ever faced a giant? Standing there, he’s so defiant;
daring you… try and come on through.
I’m reminded of the story of the shepherd boy whose glory was renowned
for the faith he’d found.
David saw Goliath, and he knew just what to do.
David didn’t wonder if the Lord would see him through.

        If I had the faith of David, any problem I would face it;
        knowing well that I could not fail.
        If I had the faith of David, I’m telling you it would be great if
        I lived here… never knowing fear.
        And, I would never worry what the day may bring.
        If I saw what God could do with five smooth stones and a sling.

Sitting there around the campfire, David heard the giant’s laughter,
said, “I’ll go; I will meet our foe.”
Wounded soldiers convalescing, the situation so distressing;
none could see any victory.
David didn’t understand what they were frightened for.
For David, it was just another victory for the Lord. (CHORUS)


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