This song was recorded by Pocket Full Of Rocks… included on their album, More Than Noise.

Pocket Full of Rocks (PFOR) is an American band formed in 1995. The band operated independently for 10 years, releasing 2 albums. In 2005, they signed with Warner Bros. gospel music entity Word/Myrrh Records.
In 2006, the band was nominated for a Dove Award for New Artist of the Year at the Dove Awards. Their second album with Myrrh was also nominated for a Dove Award.
The band roster consisted of Michael Farren – keyboards, lead vocals, acoustic guitar; Alisa Farren – vocals; Ryan Riggins – electric guitar; Jody Crump – bass; and
David Rollins – drums.

I attended a Pocket Full of Rocks at a New Year’s Eve concert, chaperone to students. I really enjoyed them; they were worshipful and seemed sincere.

This song reminds us that anyone can come to Christ… no matter who and no matter what they’ve done. That is amazing grace from a loving God!
Bible Reference… Matthew 11:28-30; John 3:16; Ephesians 2:8,9
He’s not mad at you, and He’s not disappointed.
His grace is greater still than all of your wrong choices.
He is full of mercy, and He’s ever kind.
Hear His invitation! His arms are open wide!

        You can come as you are, with all your broken pieces
        and all your shameful scars.
        The pain you hold in your heart, bring it all to Jesus.
        You can come as you are!

Louder than the voice that whispers “you’re unworthy”,
hear the sound of love that tells a different story.
Shattering your darkness and pushing through the lies,
how tenderly He calls you. His arms are open wide! (CHORUS 2x)


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