This song was recorded by Pocket Full Of Rocks… included on their album, More Than Noise.

Pocket Full of Rocks (PFOR) is an American band formed in 1995. The band operated independently for 10 years, releasing 2 albums. In 2005, they signed with Warner Bros. gospel music entity Word/Myrrh Records.
In 2006, the band was nominated for a Dove Award for New Artist of the Year at the Dove Awards. Their second album with Myrrh was also nominated for a Dove Award.
The band roster consisted of Michael Farren – keyboards, lead vocals, acoustic guitar; Alisa Farren – vocals; Ryan Riggins – electric guitar; Jody Crump – bass; and
David Rollins – drums.

I attended a Pocket Full of Rocks at a New Year’s Eve concert, chaperone to students. I really enjoyed them; they were worshipful and seemed sincere.

This song is a song of praise. God is worthy to be praised!
Bible Reference… Exodus 15:2; Deuteronomy 10:21; 1Chronicles 16:28;
Psalm 75:1; Ephesians 1:5
Stand… kneel… bow… in this moment now; worshiping our King.
Voices raised, let our God be praised!
It’s the sound of those redeemed. Oh, with grateful hearts we sing.

        To the One who reigns forever, to the One the seas obey,
        to the One who holds the Heavens… let the nations stand amazed!
        For His mercy and His kindness, for His never-ending grace,
        for His love that’s ever reaching… oh, let our God, let our God be praised!

By His hand everything began… all for His renown.
Those so weak, those broken and in need are no longer bound.
Oh, in Him the lost are found. (CHORUS)

        We stand among the millions crying, “Holy!”;
        the redeemed of every nation small and great.
        We cast our crowns before Him singing, “Worthy!”
        And loudly give our praise… loudly give our praise… (CHORUS)


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