This song was written by Rebecca Peck, and was recorded by the Booth Brothers… included on their album, Let It Be Known.

Rebecca Peck is a 3-time BMI Award winning, Dove Award nominated songwriter who began her professional writing career in Painesville, Ohio. Since her first cuts in the 1990’s, she has been blessed with nearly 1200 artist recordings, many #1 songs to her credit, and numerous Top 40 songs. She has performed at the GMA writer showcase as well as other industry writer events, and has been a keynote speaker for the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI).
In 2015, Rebecca was named Professional Songwriter of the Year at the AGM awards held near Nashville, TN. She was also honored twice at the SGN Awards for Songwriter of the Year. In September 2004, Rebecca had 6 songs simultaneously in the Top 40 on the Singing News Magazine chart.

The Booth Brothers is an American southern gospel vocal trio. They were initially formed as a quartet in the 1950s by Ron Booth, Sr. with his 3 brothers. Ron disbanded the group in 1963 when he joined The Toney Brothers.
In 1990, Ron’s youngest son, Michael (b. October 8, 1971), decided to revive the group with his brother Ronnie JR (b. June 28, 1965), and his father.
The 2011 roster consisted of Michael Booth – tenor, Ronnie Booth – lead, and
Jim Brady – baritone.

This song speaks of the fellowship believers have with Christ now… and will have for all eternity.
Bible Reference… Isaiah 25:6; 55:1,2; Joel 2:24-26; Matthew 22:2; Luke 14:15; Revelation 19:7-9
        I feast at the Master’s table; I dine on Holy Bread.
        Grace invites me to partake there where my longing soul is fed.
        His Word – my daily portion. His Truth – my heart’s delight.
        I feast at the Master’s table; He my hunger satisfies.

There’s a banquet spread before me that Jesus has prepared.
When I open up the Scriptures, He always meets me there.
And we fellowship together; as I read, His Spirit guides…
giving strength that will sustain me and the hope that will abide. (CHORUS)


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