This song was written by Francesca Battistelli and Sam Mizell, and was recorded by Francesca Battistelli… included on her album, Hundred More Years.

Sam (and his wife, Becca) Mizell are a popular songwriting duo. In 2004, the Lord brought them together— Sam has lived all his life in the South and Becca in the Midwest— that they might serve Him as husband and wife, parents of Winter June and Maizie Carolina, and songwriters who have written for some of the best-known acts in the Christian, Pop, and Country genres. Between them, they share 3 Grammy Nominations, 2 ASCAP Songs Of The Year, 7 #1 Songs, and 2 Dove Awards.

Francesca Battistelli (born May 18, 1985) is an American Christian singer and songwriter from New York City. She was originally an independent artist and had released an independent album in 2004. Her first studio album on Fervent Records, My Paper Heart, was released in 2008. Her first single, “I’m Letting Go”, was released to radio stations in 2008 and has charted on national Christian CHR charts since then. The song was the 16th most played song of 2008 on Christian radio stations according to R&R magazine. Battistelli received her first Grammy Award nomination in 2009, for Best Gospel Performance with her single, “Free to Be Me”. She later received her first Grammy Award in 2016 for Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song with her single, “Holy Spirit” from her album, If We’re Honest.

Francesca has a great voice!

This song reminds us of the value – and strength – of love.
Bible Reference… Proverbs 17:17; Matthew 5:43-45; Mark 12:30,31;
John 13:34,35; 15:13; 1Corinthians 13; 16:14; 1Peter 4:8; 1John 4:8,19

Love’s not a feeling. Love’s not convenient. But I know love will change your life.
Love takes sacrifice. Love cuts like a knife. Sometimes love will make you cry.
Love’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

Love is a hunger, but love won’t leave you empty. See, it’s the language of the heart.
Love can steal your pride, but love won’t let you hide. It takes everything you’ve got.
Love’s not easy, but it’s worth it.
        What you gonna do when the bottom falls out
        and you’re left with nothing but your fear and your doubt to hold to?
        Who will hold you?
        Where you gonna run when it’s all on the line
        and you’re looking for someone to save your life? To save your life?

Love can hear you. Love can heal you, if you let it inside. Oh, remember now…
love’s not easy, but it’s worth it. (CHORUS & 3rd Verse)


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