This song was recorded by Brian Free & Assurance… included on their album, Never Walk Alone.

Brian Free may be the most recognizable Southern Gospel tenor of our generation. Since 1982, he has been at the forefront of Southern Gospel music since first joining the Gold City Quartet, then moving on to form his own group. Gospel music has always been Brian’s first love, and fans have responded to his music by honoring him and the group at the Dove Awards. Brian Free and Assurance (BFA) has also made a number of notable television appearances.
These accolades show the consistent response to BFA’s music, how God has used them, and how He will continue to use them. While the guys all come from different backgrounds, they all agree on one thing, and that is to use their God-given abilities to take the message of Jesus Christ to everyone they can.
Brian Free and Assurance is Brian Free – Tenor; Bill Shivers – Lead; and Mike Rogers – Baritone.

I first heard this song just recently, but it could have been my story.
Bible Reference… Matthew 21:22; John 3:16; 20:31; 2Timothy 3:16,17

I was raised on the old hymns… John 3:16, stained-glass pictures of faith;
a shepherd and a giant, Daniel and the lions, three Hebrew boys in the flames,
a coat of many colors and walls falling down, and the Red Sea becoming dry ground…

        I believe every line, every word; I believe every story I’ve heard.
        Written on the pages is the Truth of the Ages, and it’s changing me.
        I believe!

It’s wise men and angels, blind Bartimaeus, a thief in a tree who’s scared,
A walk on the water, Jairus’ daughter, five loaves and two little fish,
A lonely Garden where Jesus prayed, a Sunday morning when the stone rolled away.

        I believe in the message of mercy and grace,
        because of the Savior who died in my place. (CHORUS)


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