This song was written by Rodney Griffin, and was recorded by the Triumphant Quartet… included on their album, The Greatest Story.

Rodney Griffin is a Southern Gospel singer and songwriter, currently performing with Greater Vision. Griffin has been named favorite songwriter in the Singing News Fan Awards every year from 1998 to 2016. He was also named Favorite Baritone in 2006.

The Triumphant Quartet (formerly Integrity Quartet until 2005) is a Southern Gospel group that performed at The Miracle Theater in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. They sang at the theater from 2003–2005, when it was known as The Louise Mandrell Theater. They now travel on a full-time concert schedule.
The group consists of David Sutton (tenor), Clayton Inman (lead), Scott Inman (baritone), and Eric Bennett (bass). They are known for being the only established full-time Southern Gospel quartet to never change membership among the vocalists. Several of their songs have received nominations for Favorite Song of the Year (in 2004, and each year from 2006-2014. The group was bestowed the honor of the “Favorite Traditional Male Quartet” award by the readers of Singing News magazine from 2009-2014.

This song joins with the testimony of the “3 Hebrew children”, encouraging us to remember Jesus was there… and he’s with us, too!
Bible Reference… Exodus 33:14; Psalm 16:11; 23:4; Daniel 3

We well remember the hour. We well remember the day.
When we witnessed unbelievable favor, when we were granted inconceivable grace.
The king said, “Turn up the fire”, after we had said, “We’ll never bow down.”
What they saw when the flames grew higher will forever be the talk of the town.

        So, take it from me, Meshach, my friend Shadrach, and our friend Abednego.
        Take it from me, Meshach, my friend Shadrach, and our friend Abednego.
        There’s not a fiery furnace where the Lord Himself will not go.
        Take it from me, Meshach, my friend Shadrach, and our friend Abednego.

You say you feel alone in the struggle, there’s no one there to bear the load.
Forsaken in the furnace of trouble, you’re wondering, “Where is the Lord?”
Friend, if you’d a’ been there to see us, you’d ‘a been completely amazed
when that fourth Man stepped in between us. We never felt the heat of the flame!


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