This song was recorded by The Nelons… included on their extended play mini-album, Stronger Together.

The Nelons was started by founding member Rex Nelon and started out as The Rex Nelon Singers in 1977. The group was a spin-off of the family group, the Lefevres. They became known as the Rex Nelon Singers in 1976 because the Lefevre family members had left the group. The group’s first #1 song was “Come Morning”; that song was awarded the Southern Gospel Song of the Decade for the 1980s.
Over the years, the group included Karen Peck, Janet Paschal, Jerry Thompson, Charlotte Ritchie, Kelly Nelon Clark, Todd Nelon, Jeff Stice, Martin Gureasko, Rodney Swain, Stan Whitmire, Ray Fisher, Vernon Lee, and others.
The Nelons have been nominated for many awards in the Southern Gospel music industry including Grammys, Dove Awards, Singing News Awards, Absolutely Gospel Awards, Diamond Awards, and Christian Voice Awards.
In 2014, the Nelons became a trio, made up Kelly Nelon Clark, Jason Clark, and Amber Nelon Thompson. In 2014, Amber was chosen as Female Vocalist of the Year at the Absolutely Gospel Music Awards.

I have long been a fan of the Nelons, in all their various forms.

This song serves as an invitation to join God in Heaven… for all eternity!
Bible Reference… John 14:2; Revelation 21:1-5

In my Father’s House, there are rooms and rooms forever down the hall
In my Father’s House, there’s a lot of family pictures on the wall.

        And there’s a chair set at the table just for you, and friends on either side.
        There is plenty enough to go around; won’t you come inside to my Father’s House?

In my Father’s House, there is every amenity you’re looking for.
In my Father’s House, you can leave all your burdens at the door. (CHORUS)

        And everything you thought was so impossible; ‘round here that’s everyday.
        And, if you’re looking for a love that never ever ends, this is the Place.  (CHORUS)


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