“In Isaiah 5, God tells the story – through His prophet, Isaiah – of a disappointing vineyard.

“The prophet Isaiah told a story of a man who had a vineyard on a fertile hill.  The man cultivated the ground.  He removed the stones so nothing would hinder the vines’ growth.  He planted only the best quality vines.  He built a tower in the middle of the vineyard so he could watch for wild animals and intruders.  He constructed a wine vat so he would be ready the ripe grapes.  Then he waited.  But, rather than producing good grapes, the vineyard produced worthless ones.

“In v.4, the question is asked: ‘What more could I have done for my vineyard than I did? Why, when I expected a yield of good grapes, did it yield worthless grapes?’

This story illustrates the relationship between God and His people.  God has done everything necessary for us to produce an abundance of spiritual fruit in our lives.  He saved us when we were without hope.  He gave us the Holy Spirit to produce good fruit in our lives.  He removed our sin so we were free to serve Him.  We have the Bible in numerous translations.  We have access to more Christian books, music, videos, conferences, schools, radio and TV stations, magazines, and seminars than ever before.  There are churches of every kind and size.  We have pastors and teacher to instruct us and encourage us.  Most of all, we have direct access to God through prayer.

“Jesus said, ‘To whom much is given, much is expected’ (Luke 12:48).  One day, God will hold us accountable for all He has done for us.  He will ask us to show Him the fruit from all His bountiful provision in our lives.  What will He find in you?”

  • Remembering God Day By Day (pg.186)

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