“Look at the nations and observe – be utterly astounded!  For something is taking place in your days that you will not believe when you hear about it.” – Habakkuk 1:5

“Believers regularly seek to hear God’s voice through prayer, through His Word, or through His messengers.  Yet we sometimes fail to hear God speak through His activity, even when He’s working all around us.  Unbelievers see God’s activity without understanding what they see.  But, God encourages His people to watch for His activity.

“If you’re sensitive to what God is doing around you, He will clearly speak to you through His activity.  You will know God is work, because what you see will astound you.  Human power and wisdom will not be able to explain it.

“If you want to hear God’s voice, look around you to see what He is doing.  When you’re watching for God at work, what you see will reveal His character, and you will have a fresh understanding of how to respond to Him.”

  • Experiencing God Day By Day (pg. 299)

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