This past Wednesday night, in our mid-week study, we looked at Psalm 67.

The 67th psalm is an anonymous psalm, written to the Chief Musician, intended to be played on stringed instruments.  It is also a missionary psalm that exhorts its readers/singers to get the message of God’s love out to all the nations of the world.

Why?  Because:

  •  They Need Light  (v.1,2)

Those who don’t have a relationship with God walk around in darkness and need the light of God’s face to shine on them.  They have lost their way and are headed for eternal separation from God.

  • They Need Joy  (v.3,4a)

Sin can be fun… but only for a little while.  Sin always takes us farther than we want to go, keeps us longer than we want to stay, and costs us more than we want to pay.  Sin gives a temporary “high”, but in Christ there are pleasures forevermore!

  • They Need Righteousness  (v.4b)

True righteousness only comes through faith in Jesus.  Man’s sense of right-and-wrong… the  morality of the moment… will never be truly just and can never satisfy the demands of God’s holy law.

  • They Need Life  (v.5-7)

The purpose of missions is to reach “the people“… “all the people“.  If every believer were doing what you do about missions, would all the people of the earth be praising the Lord?


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